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Custom bronze statues sculpted in the style of classical realism and cast in bronze using the time honored lost wax bronze casting method.
Bronze sculptures by Atlas Bronze Casting

Bronze sculptures by Stan Watts and his foundry Atlas Bronze Casting. 

Stan Watts will create a custom bronze sculpture to meet your desires and specifications.

Atlas Bronze Casting       1(801) 967-0557    atlasbronze@hotmail.com
Call for a quote on custom bronze sculptures, monuments, statues, or architectural bronze.

Atlas Bronze Casting sells bronze sculptures direct to the public.  Because there is no middle man, the entire value of your investment goes toward your bronze sculpture, which saves you money.  Click here to go to the gallery of bronze sculptures available.

Save  when you purchase custom bronze sculpture, statues and monuments direct from the artist.

Bronze statue of Lineman  Bronze bust sculpture of Supreme Court Justice  Bronze Christus statue

Lineman bronze sculpture     Bronze sculpture of Justice Sutherland    Bronze Christus statue   

Custom Bronze Sculptures made to order. Buy bronze sculptures direct from the Sculptor and Foundry Owner!

 Bronze sculpture of The Good Samaritan      Bronze sculpture of a cougar

             Bronze sculpture of the Good Samaritan           Bronze Cougar - available in 2 sizes for BYU fans             

Click on this link for more information on how to order a custom bronze sculpture from Atlas Bronze Casting.

Atlas Bronze Casting custom bronze sculptures.    (801)967-0557


Custom bronze statues created to suit your specifications. Request a free quote on a custom bronze sculpture today. 
Commission a custom work of art in bronze. 
We bring the bronze sculpture of your imagination to life.  Work directly with the sculptor and foundry owner.

 Custom orders are welcome.

Beautiful bronze sculptures from desktop size to monumental by Atlas Bronze Casting. 

Commission custom artwork created by Atlas Bronze Casting Owner/Sculptor Stan Watts.

Select Monuments Created by Atlas Bronze Casting from sculpture to bronze casting and installation:

                         Bronze sculpture of firefighters raising American flag                                                           Bronze sculpture of Georg Washington on horse by Stan Watts and Kim Corpany

Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial  "To Lift a Nation"                        George Washington Equestrian monument - Valley Forge, PA
Colossal bronze  firefighters Statue                                  Sculpture Title:  "On A Firm Foundation"
Location: Emmitsburg, Maryland  NFFF                             
Sculpture By Stan Watts and Equine Artist Kim Corpany
Sculpture By Stan Watts

Custom bronze sculptures and ready to buy bronze statues ranging in sizes from monumental to desktop size.

                         Bronze sculpture of Hyrum and Joseph Smith on their horses by Stan Watts and Kim Corpany                                                                 Bronze sculpture of the Founding Fathers by Stan Watts
Hyrum and Joseph Smith Jr. Equestrian Monument - Nauvoo, Illinois                John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson
Sculpture Title: "Calm As a Summers Morning"                                                 Statue title: "Appeal to Divine Providence"
Also Titled: "Prophets Last Ride"                                                                       Also titled: "Founding Fathers"
Sculpture By Stan Watts and Equine Artist Kim Corpany                                  Sculpture by Stan Watts


Contact Atlas Bronze Casting to commission a bronze sculpture and turn your idea into a real bronze statue.

Buy bronze sculptures from Atlas Bronze Casting.

Atlas Bronze Casting           (801)967-0557              atlasbronze@hotmail.com

Stan Watts is the owner and sculptor of Atlas Bronze Casting bronze sculpture foundry. 

          Bronze sculpture of hockey players by Stan Watts                                                Bronze sculpture of Brigham Young and children on bench by Stan Watts

Hockey Players Monumental Bronze                                                     Brigham Young on bench reading to children
Statue for the 2002 winter Olympics hockey venue                 Bronze statue titled: Two Books Shall Testify of Me"
Titled "Striving for Excellence" Bronze Statue
                          Sculpted by Stan Watts
Sculpted By Stan Watts             


Atlas Bronze Casting            (801)967-0557           atlasbronze@hotmail.com

Atlas Bronze Casting bronze sculptures are sculpted and cast of high quality materials in the USA by an American Fine Art Bronze Foundry.  Buy bronze sculptures direct from the artist!

                           Joseph Smith bronze statue by Stan Watts                                           Handcart family bronze sculpture                                          
Joseph Smith Jr. reading from James 1:5 Bronze Statue                     Mormon Handcart Pioneer Statues
Sculpture By Stan Watts                                                                                     Sculpture by Stan Watts

Limited Edition bronze sculptures by Stan Watts are available for sale through Atlas Bronze Casting directly.

                                 Bronze sculpture of French Freedom Fighters by Stan Watts                                                       Bronze sculpture of Joseph Smith on horse by Stan Watts and Kim Corpany
                French Freedom Fighters                                                            Lt. General Joseph Smith on horseback

Buy American made bronze art direct from the artist  and foundry. 

Atlas Bronze Casting      (801)967-0557        atlasbronze@hotmail.com

 Custom bronze statues by Stan Watts, owner of Atlas Bronze Casting.  Contact Stan Watts for a custom quote on commissioning a custom bronze statue.   By working directly with the artist, you become a part of the creative process as we bring your custom bronze sculpture to life.
Atlas Bronze Casting creates sculptures from small statues to enormous bronze monuments and all sizes of bronze sculptures in between.  Atlas Bronze creates bronze sculptures in the style of Classical Realism. 

Custom made bronze doors, door hardware, bronze fireplaces and bronze trim to created to suit your custom design and custom sculpture needs.

Stan is involved in the creation of his bronze sculptures from the original idea and design through the sculpture process in clay, the mold making process, and the entire time tested lost wax bronze casting process.

All bronze sculptures cast at Atlas Bronze Casting fine art foundry are cast of Everdur silicon bronze. 
The composition of Everdur bronze is 95% copper, 4% silicon and 1% manganese.
This type of bronze produces a much higher quality, more durable and longer lasting bronze sculpture than cheap imported bronze which may have as low as only 50% to 55% copper content. 
Because of the high quality of bronze used in the creation of bronze sculptures cast by Atlas Bronze Casting, they will last and remain beautiful through many generations.

Atlas Bronze Casting - from idea and design to completed custom bronze sculpture we help make your ideas reality.  You can be a part of the creative process.  

Bronze sculptures become a legacy which can tell it's story through the ages.
Including bronze statues in your custom designed architecture adds to the richness and feeling of strength and stability to the architecture which surrounds the bronze sculptures.  Having custom bronze sculptures included in your architectural designs adds distinction and beauty.

A bronze sculpture can become a landmark through which your business or home is distinguished and remembered by all who see it.

 LDS Historical Bronze Sculptures, and Pioneer statues by Atlas Bronze Casting artists, click here.

LDS artist Stan Watts has created other bronze statues telling the story of the Prophet Joseph Smith.  To go to the gallery of Joseph Smith statues, click here.

See the bronze statue of Hyrum and Joseph Smith riding their horses from Nauvoo - click here

See the bronze statue of Joseph Smith Jr. riding his horse in Nauvoo legion uniform - click here

 For a consultation or more information regarding the bronze sculpture that you are looking for, call atlasbronze@hotmail.com or call 1(801)967-0557

Make an impact with a custom bronze sculpture outside your office building, in your lobby, or in your office space.
Bronze sculptures make a lasting statement of class, taste, dignity, quality and stability to your offices, no matter what your business may be.

Possibilities include indoor or outdoor bronze sculptures, bronze fountains, portrait busts for niches, bronze sculptures for offices, bronze sculptures for entryways, custom bronze doors and custom bronze door hardware.  All sculpted to suit the image and needs of your offices and company.  When you commission a sculpture  from Atlas Bronze Casting, the artists and craftsmen at Atlas Bronze Casting fine art foundry will meet or exceed your expectations in creating your custom bronze sculpture.
Your custom bronze statue can give a great first impression and a lasting impression to clients as they come and go from your business.  The impression a custom bronze sculpture leaves on your clients is indelible. 

A custom bronze sculpture, portrait, or fountain can convey a sense of permanence and solidity for your company. Bronze sculptures last through the generations, telling the stories of their subjects through the ages. A bronze sculpture honoring your ancestors can continue to tell their story for centuries.
A bronze sculpture portrait of your company's founder or of a  historical figure of significance to your company makes a great and lasting impression on customers and visitors to your business.  A bronze sculpture bust or full figure bronze statue can act as a great advertisement for your company.   Bronze sculptures serve as landmarks by which people remember and find businesses.  A bronze statue can also convey the image, message, or mission statement of your business.

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Atlas Bronze Casting
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1(801) 967-0557
Call for a quote on custom bronze sculptures, monuments, statues, or architectural bronze.  Buy custom bronze sculptures direct from the artist.
Bronze sculpture by Stan Watts.
Monuments with Meaning