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Berea College Bronze Life Size Statue
Custom Bronze Statue

Berea College bronze statue by Stan Watts


Bronze statue of Berea School.  Located at Berea College, Kentucky. 
This custom bronze statue tells the story of the First Integrated school in the United States of America.


Custom  Bronze Statue LIfe size Monument Located in Kentucky.

American Artist - Sculptor Stanley Watts

Close up of Berea College statue by Stan Watts

The Custom Bronze Statues were created to commemorate the organization of the first integrated school in the United States of America located in Berea, Kentucky.

Sculptor Stanley Watts is well known for the Patriotic bronze sculptures which he creates.  The sculptor's bronze statues can be seen in many wonderful locations across the United States, as well as abroad.

Commission a bronze statue custom sculpted to your specifications. 
Contact Stan Watts for a consultation on your custom bronze sculpture project.

Custom bronze statues and memorials. 
Monuments with Meaning.
You save by buying bronze statues direct from the artist. 
Stanley Watts is the sculptor and the owner of Atlas Bronze Casting.
Bronze statues created and cast in the USA by Atlas Bronze Casting.
Let Sculptor Stanley Watts and his team at Atlas Bronze Casting help you to create your custom bronze statue!

Contact Atlas Bronze Casting by email: atlasbronze@hotmail.com
or by phone: 1(801)967-0557

Custom Architectural Bronze Work and Custom Bronze Sculptures

 Custom Bronze Statues, Memorials and  Custom Bronze Monuments

We can design and create a custom made bronze statue for you from your ideas to reality.

The only limit to your bronze sculpture is your imagination, or you can use our imagination and let us give you even more options.
Custom bronze statue portraits are a specialty.
Bronze statues, plaques, monuments, fountains and more!

All custom bronze statues and bronze monuments created by Atlas Bronze Casting are sculpted and cast in the USA of the finest quality everdur bronze.
Atlas Bronze Casting is an Amercian owned and operated bronze foundry.
Atlas Bronze Casting custom bronze sculptures and custom bronze statues are created entirely in the United States of America.

Atlas Bronze Casting
4850 South Warehouse Road
Kearns, Utah USA 84118
1(801) 967-0557
Call for a quote on custom bronze sculptures, monuments, statues, or architectural bronze.  Buy custom bronze sculptures direct from the artist.
Bronze sculpture by Stan Watts.
Monuments with Meaning