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Custom bronze portrait sculptures to suit your desires.  Bronze busts and figures, from desktop size to monumental and all sizes between.

For a quote on custom bronze portrait sculptures or custom bronze busts.
atlasbronze@hotmail.com   or call 1(801)967-0557 

Bronze Portrait Sculptures and Bronze Busts by Atlas Bronze Casting
Click on the photos of bronze sculptures below to see more
bronze sculptures in each bronze gallery.

    Bronze pioneer girl sculpture of Bodil Mortenson by Stan Watts            Bronze sculpture portrait bust of Charles Lindbergh by Stan Watts           Custom bronze portrait bust sculpture by Stan Watts
Pioneer Girl bronze portrait      -      Bronze Portrait Bust of Lindbergh      -      Custom Bronze Bust

    Atlas bronze casting will work with you to create the custom bronze bust you have in mind.  From the portrait in bronze capturing the face and personality of the person you seek to honor, to the base or pedestal and plaque or name plate to tell the story of that incredible person.

                                                             Bronze bust sculpture of Father McGivney by Stan Watts

US Supreme Court Justice George Sutherland Bronze Bust       Father Michael McGivney Bronze Portrait Bust

To commission a custom bronze bust or portrait sculpture,

contact Atlas Bronze Casting 1(801)967-0557

or email: atlasbronze@hotmail.com 
Bronze sculpture of Georg Washington on horse by Stan Watts and Kim Corpany       Bronze portrait sculpture of Fred Adams by Stan Watts       Bronze sculpture of Shakespeare's Titania by Stan Watts                 
Bronze Sculpture-Washington         
Bronze Portrait Statue           Bronze Sculpture Portrait Titania

Bronze portrait bust of Pete Harman by Stan Watts        Bronze portrait statue The Veteran George Wahlen by Stan Watts   Bronze portrait statue The Veteran George Wahlen by Stan Watts

Company Founder portrait bust - "Pete Harman"              Bronze portrait of Medal of Honor recipient"The Veteran"

To commission a custom bronze portrait sculpture contact Stan Watts at Atlas Bronze Casting.  Design and consultation services available.


Bronze statue of Brigham Young and children on bench by Stan Watts    Abraham Lincoln bronze sculpture by Stan Watts     Bronze sculpture of the Founding Fathers by Stan Watts
Bronze Portrait on Bench                             Bronze Portrait Abraham Lincoln       Bronze Portrait of Founding Fathers 
Contact Atlas Bronze Casting for a consultation.  Commission a bronze sculpture custom made to your specifications.                

     Bronze portrait statue of girls for fountain by Stan Watts          bronze portrait of little girl dancing with flowers by Stan Watts           Bronze sculpture of Nancy and Ronald Reagan on horses            
               Bronze Fountain Sculptures  Bronze sculpture of little girl dancing 
Reagans Bronze Sculpture Portrait

Call for a free quote.  Commission a custom bronze portrait sculpture.
Bronze Portrait Sculptures by
 Atlas Bronze Casting
4850 South Warehouse Road
Kearns, Utah USA 84118
1(801) 967-0557


You can work directly with the artist and foundry.  Commission a
custom bronze sculpture portrait bust which will stand for generations.  Because you are working directly with the sculptor, you can be assured of fair pricing on your custom bronze sculpture.  Because there is no salesman or gallery between you and the artist you will get the best possible price.

Bronze sculpture portrait of Mr Steward on bench by Stan Watts              Bronze portrait sculpture of William Bernbach for DDB Worldwide by Stan Watts

Custom bronze sculpture of "Steward" portrait of bronze man on bench     William Bernbach portrait statue

Bronze portrait busts and full figure bronze statues honor those whom they portray and can remind all who see them of the ideals, accomplishments and personalities of those who they portray.

Bronze portrait sculpture of woman and girl by Stan Watts   Bronze portrait statue of girls for fountain by Stan Watts   Bronze portrait of boy on bench with new baseball shoes by Stan Watts

Bronze sculptures commissioned for large spaces.  The above life size bronze sculptures were commissioned for placement in a mall, where patrons interact with the statues as they use the benches during their shopping in the mall.

Commission a custom bronze bust sculpture direct from sculptor and foundry owner.  You work directly with the artist who creates your bronze sculpture, so you will receive the best possible price on your custom bronze sculpture.  Bronze portrait busts at a fair price.

 Custom bronze sculptures and busts made to
honor those you admire and revere in a lasting, permanent form.

Bronze portrait sculptures and statues by Stan Watts

Commission a custom portrait sculpture in bronze. 
Stan Watts and his bronze foundry team at
Atlas Bronze Casting can help you make your
custom bronze sculpture a reality.

As sculptor and owner of Atlas Bronze Casting,
Stan Watts can see your custom bronze sculpture through from dreams and  ideas to the finished bronze sculpture.
A bronze sculpture portrait of your company's founder or of a  historical figure of significance to your company makes a great and lasting impression on customers and visitors to your business.  A bronze sculpture bust or full figure bronze statue can act as a great advertisement for your company.   Bronze sculptures serve as landmarks by which people remember and find businesses.  A bronze statue can also convey the image, message, or mission statement of your business.
A custom bronze sculpture, portrait, or fountain can convey a sense of permanence and solidity for your company.  Bronze sculptures last through the generations, telling the stories of their subjects through the ages.
Your custom bronze statue can give a great first impression and a lasting impression to clients as they come and go from your business.
Bronze sculptures make a statement of class, taste, dignity, quality and stability to your offices, no matter what your business may be.
  Possibilities include indoor or outdoor bronze sculptures, bronze fountains, portrait busts for niches, bronze sculptures for offices, bronze sculptures for entryways, custom bronze doors and custom bronze door hardware.  All sculpted to suit the image and needs of your offices and company.

Stan Watts is not the typical sculptor.  Stan is also the owner of Atlas Bronze Casting bronze sculpture foundry.  Stan is involved in the creation of his bronze sculptures from the original idea and design through the sculpture process in clay, the mold making process, and the entire time tested lost wax bronze casting process.

All bronze sculptures cast at Atlas Bronze Casting fine art foundry are cast of Everdur silicon bronze. 
The composition of Everdur bronze is 95% copper, 4% silicon and 1% manganese.
This type of bronze produces a much higher quality, more durable and longer lasting bronze sculpture than cheap imported bronze which may have as low as only 50% to 55% copper content. 
Because of the high quality of bronze used in the creation of bronze sculptures cast by Atlas Bronze Casting, they will last and remain beautiful through many generations.

Atlas Bronze Casting Foundry - Monuments with Meaning

Bronze sculptures custom made to suit your design and decorating needs.  Full figures from table top sizes to larger than life size bronze statues, as well as portrait busts in a variety of sizes are available.  Custom patina and custom wood bases are available with any of our bronze sculptures.

A custom bronze sculpture portrait makes a wonderful memorial of a loved one, and can remind future generations of the contributions of their ancestors to society.  Bronze statues can memorialize individuals or events, but are always the best when they tell the story of the individuals depicted in the bronze sculpture.  A bronze sculpture can last through the generations, telling their story through the ages.

Atlas Bronze Casting
4850 South Warehouse Road
Kearns, Utah USA 84118
1(801) 967-0557
Call for a quote on custom bronze sculptures, monuments, statues, or architectural bronze.  Buy custom bronze sculptures direct from the artist.
Bronze sculpture by Stan Watts.
Monuments with Meaning