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Gallery of Bronze Statues by Atlas Bronze Casting

Bronze statue of soldier and child          bronze statue of Hyrum and Joseph Smith riding their horses          Bronze statue of Christus sculpted by Stan Watts

Bronze Statues custom sculpted by Stan Watts and his team of bronze foundry craftsmen at Atlas Bronze Casting.  Contact Stan for a free consultation about your bronze statue.
For a quote on custom bronze statues, monuments or custom architectural bronze call 1(801)967-0557  or email atlasbronze@hotmail.com


Examples of Custom Bronze Statues by Atlas Bronze Casting
Click on the Images below to see more bronze statues in the categories listed

      bronze statue of pioneer girl Bodil Mortensen          Bronze statue of Seabiscuit and George Woolf        Bronze statues of two girls holding a large umbrella in a fountain
Bronze Statues of Mormon Pioneers   Bronze Horse Statues   Bronze Statues & Fountains 

Atlas Bronze Casting specializes in bronze sculpture in the tradition of classical realism.  Custom bronze statues made to order and created to suit your design needs.  Let us help you create the bronze statue of your dreams.  Contact Stan Watts for a consultation about your ideas for a bronze statue. 



 Bronze statues of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson    Bronze statues of hockey players    Bronze statue of Shakespearean character Titania from A Midsummer Night's Dream

Patriotic Bronze Statues      Sports Bronze Statues      Shakespearean Statues

For a consultation to commission a custom bronze statue, contact

Atlas Bronze Casting 1(801)967-0557

or email atlasbronze@hotmail.com

Bronze statue of three firemen raising the American flag     Bronze clad fireplace     Bronze statue of Alexander the Great
Bronze Firefighter Statues             Architectural Bronze            Bronze Mascot Statues 

       Create a lasting impression on clients and visitors with a large bronze statue at the entryway or lobby to your building.  Clients will remember their visit to your building.    

       Custom bronze hand sculpted sign plaque     Bronze statue portrait bust of Charles Lindbergh by Stan Watts     Bronze statue bust portrait on pedestal              

  Custom Bronze Plaques    Bronze Statue Busts   Company Founder                  

architectural bronze elements                        Bronze statue of little girl dancing with flowers in her hand
Custom architectural bronze elements              Bronze statues of children

Commission a Custom made Bronze Statue.  For a consultation about the bronze statue you are seeking, contact Stan Watts at Atlas Bronze Casting.

Custom Bronze Statues by
 Atlas Bronze Casting
4850 South Warehouse Road
Kearns, Utah USA 84118
call:      1(801) 967-0557

or email: 

Call for a quote on custom bronze statues,
monuments, or architectural bronze

Stan Watts creates representational bronze sculptures in the old world traditional style of realism.  His artistic craftsmanship are displayed in the quality of his finished sculptures.  Stan's foundry, Atlas Bronze Casting turns bronze metal into art utilizing the time honored lost wax bronze casting techniques.

bronze statue of a power lineman              Bronze bust statue of Supreme Court Justice George Sutherland by Stan Watts              Bronze statue of Christus sculpted by Stan Watts

Lineman bronze statues   Bronze statues of Judges   Bronze Christus statues

Work directly with the artist and foundry owner to create
custom bronze statues that will stand for generations.
Atlas Bronze Casting Bronze statues sculpted by Stan Watts
Stan Watts and Atlas Bronze Casting fine art foundry
 can help you make your custom bronze statue a reality.  The artists and craftsmen at Atlas Bronze Casting will cast your bronze statues following the time honored process of lost wax bronze casting and using the finest quality bronze ingot.

As sculptor and owner of Atlas Bronze Casting,

Stan Watts can see your custom bronze statue through from dreams and  ideas to the finished bronze statue.

      bronze statue of Martin Luther King    bronze statue of George Washington on horse    bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address

Bronze statues of Martin Luther King, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln

Custom Bronze statues from desktop size to monumental sculpted by hand for you by Atlas Bronze Casting.

Buy custom bronze statues direct from the artist.  Custom bronze portrait statues and busts,
bronze busts of company founders and civic leaders.  Bronze busts of Military leaders and heroes.  Bronze statues of explorers and leaders.

Foundry Owner/Sculptor Stan Watts.

We can design and create a custom made bronze sculpture
for you from your ideas to reality. 
The only limit to your custom bronze statue is your imagination,
or you can use our imaginations and let us give you even more options.
Custom bronze statue portraits are a specialty.

Custom bronze statues, plaques, monuments, fountains and more!

Custom bronze statues for your office, yard, garden, plaza, courtyard or fountain.

Atlas bronze can create a custom bronze statue to meet
your custom design needs.  Our bronze statues are sculpted in clay by hand and are cast in the time honored lost wax bronze casting method.  All of our bronze statues are hot cast of the finest quality bronze ingot, then the bronze metal is finished by hand to our exacting standards for you.

Atlas Bronze Casting Foundry - Monuments with Meaning

When you commission custom bronze statues to be sculpted by Atlas Bronze Casting, you are a part of the creative process.  Your custom bronze statue is custom made to your specifications and design.

Atlas Bronze Casting
4850 South Warehouse Road
Kearns, Utah USA 84118
1(801) 967-0557
Call for a quote on custom bronze sculptures, monuments, statues, or architectural bronze.  Buy custom bronze sculptures direct from the artist.
Bronze sculpture by Stan Watts.
Monuments with Meaning