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Christus Statue
Christus sculpture in white bonded marble by Stan Watts

Christus statue
sculpted after Bertel Thorvaldsens white marble Christus
by Stan Watts
Available in white marble or authentic traditionally cast bronze.

Contact sculptor Stan Watts at Atlas Bronze Casting
for more information. 
1(801)750-3851  or email   atlasbronze@hotmail.com


Christus sculpture in white bonded marble by Stan Watts close up of face
Christus Statue available in white marble or bronze
Sizes available - One half life size  (36 inches high)
               - Slightly larger than life size  (7 feet 3 inches tall)

Bronze statue of Christus sculpted by Stan Watts

Bronze larger than life size Christus statue installed in a San Antonio, Texas cemetery.  Call for pricing 1 (801)967-0557

Bronze Christus statue

Bronze Christus Statue sculpted after Bertel Throvaldsen's Christus

Custom sculpture Christus by Stan Watts
Larger than life size bronze Christus statue by Stan Watts
sculpted after Bertel Thorvaldsen's Christus

Bronze Christus statue
Bronze Christus statue by Stan Watts sculpted
sculpted after the Christus by Bertel Thorvaldsen

Photo of the larger than life size Christus statue by Stan Watts sculpted after Bertel Thorvaldsen's Christus shown above in clay. This Christus statue is available in traditionally cast bronze or white marble.

The original Christus by Bertel Thorvaldsen exists in the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen, Denmark, but many replicas have been created.  The Danish Sculptor Thorvaldsen made the statue depicting Christ after resurrection with a profound connotation that Jesus Christ was and still is the son of God and the redeemer of the world.

Click here to view the gallery of other religious themed bronze statues by Atlas Bronze Casting and Stan Watts.

Custom bronze sculptures and memorials created by Atlas Bronze Casting fine art foundry.

Monuments with Meaning.

You save by buying bronze sculptures and statues direct from the artist and foundry owner. 
Stan Watts is the sculptor and the owner of Atlas Bronze Casting.
Bronze sculptures created and cast in the USA by Atlas Bronze Casting.

Atlas Bronze Casting
4850 South Warehouse Road
Kearns, Utah USA 84118
1(801) 967-0557
Call for a quote on custom bronze sculptures, monuments, statues, or architectural bronze.  Buy custom bronze sculptures direct from the artist.
Bronze sculpture by Stan Watts.
Monuments with Meaning