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Atlas Bronze Casting custom bronze sculptures and fine art foundry also offers custom architectural bronze elements created to your design specifications.

Custom bronze sculptures by Atlas Bronze Casting
Custom bronze sculptures created by Atlas Bronze Casting

Call 1(801)967-0557 for a quote on your custom bronze statue, sculpture, monument or custom architectural bronze.
For a quote on a custom bronze sculpture,  contact us by email:
Or call us direct: 1(801)967-0557.

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Click here to view a video of the bronze casting process featuring the custom bronze sculpture of Martin Luther King by Stan Watts.
Video by Sterling Watts

The bronze casting process and the creation of a custom bronze sculpture begins with you. 
Commission a custom bronze sculpture.
At Atlas Bronze Casting you will work directly with the artist to create the custom bronze sculpture you have in mind.
Then, once the custom sculpted clay model is completed by the artist and approved by you, the casting process begins.
1 - A rubber mold is created over the clay sculpture and then surrounded by a fiberglass mother mold or shell.
2 - The mold is removed from the clay model, cleaned, reassembled, and hot liquid wax is poured into the mold.  When the wax is cooled, it is pulled from the mold.  This wax is hollow inside, as will be the completed bronze sculpture.
3 - The wax copy of the sculpture is attached to sprews which attach it to a wax cup.
4 - The wax with the cup attached is then dipped into slurry and coated with sand.  This will create a ceramic shell around the wax.  The slurry and sand process is repeated until the wax sculpture has a thick shell surrounding it.
5 - The ceramic shell is then heated in a furnace to melt the wax out, and also to heat the ceramic to the same temperature as the bronze which will be poured into it.
6 - At the same time that the shell is being heated in a furnace, bronze ingots are heated in a crucible to approximately 2,000 degrees
7 -The ceramic shell is removed from the furnace and molten bronze is poured into the heated shell.
8 - When the shell and bronze have cooled, the ceramic shell is chipped off of the cast bronze piece.
9 - The pieces of the bronze sculpture are welded together.
10 - The bronze sculpture is sandblasted to create an even surface.
11 - The patina (color) is applied through chemical and heat processes and sealed with lacquer and coated with wax.

The custom bronze sculpture casting process begins with you.

Commission a Custom Bronze Sculpture.
Contact Atlas Bronze Casting Foundry to begin the journey from your imagination and ideas to a finished custom cast bronze sculpture.


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Sculptor Stan Watts creates representational bronze sculptures in the old world traditional style of realism.  His artistic craftsmanship are displayed in the quality of his finished sculptures.  Stan's foundry, Atlas Bronze Casting turns bronze metal into art utilizing the time honored lost wax bronze casting techniques.

Bronze sculptures from desktop size to monumental by
Atlas Bronze Casting

Owner/Sculptor Stan Watts.

Custom architectural bronze elements & custom bronze sculptures.

We can design and create a custom made bronze statue
for you from your ideas to reality. 

Custom bronze portraits are a specialty.
Bronze statues, plaques, monuments, fountains and more!

Atlas Bronze Casting
4850 South Warehouse Road
Kearns, Utah USA 84118
1(801) 967-0557
Call for a quote on custom bronze sculptures, monuments, statues, or architectural bronze.  Buy custom bronze sculptures direct from the artist.
Bronze sculpture by Stan Watts.
Monuments with Meaning