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Bronze statue of Nancy and President Ronald Reagan riding their horses

Nancy and Ronald Reagan

Bronze Equestrian Sculpture of President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan riding their horses together.
Sculpted by Stan Watts and equestrian artist Kim Corpany.

Bronze statue of Nancy and President Ronald Reagan riding horses
President Ronald Reagan and his beloved wife, Nancy riding their horses together are captured in this bronze sculpture created by Sculptors Stan Watts and Kim Corpany.

Bronze sculpture of Nancy and President Ronald Reagan riding their horses
President Reagan received his white Arabian stallion, El Alamein, as a gift from President Jorge of Mexico in 1981.  He enjoyed spending time riding the horse in the hills of the Reagan's ranch El Rancho Del Cielo.
Translated, the California ranch was named "Ranch in the Sky."

Detail of the sculpted bronze tooling on Nancy Reagan's saddle.


Stan Watts is well known for the American themed and Patriotic bronze sculptures which he creates.  The sculptor's bronze statues can be seen in many wonderful locations across the United States, as well as abroad.

Stan Watts and Kim Corpany were inspired to create this bronze sculpture of the Reagans when the two sculptors attended a speaking engagement by Michael Reagan in Washington D.C.  Michael spoke of his father's love of the horse, and of growing up helping his father train and gentle horses.  He told a story of a beautiful young colt which his father brought into their barn.  He explained that this colt was not theirs, but belonged to a friend who had bought the horse as a Christmas present for his son.  Ronald went on to explain to his son that it the man has asked if Mr. Reagan and Michael would take the time to gentle and train the young horse so that it would be ready for his son as a gift.  Michael and his father spent a lot of time working with the horse, and as they did, Michael grew more and more attached to the horse.  The night before Christmas, Michael could not take it any more.  He loved the horse and was very upset that it would be leaving them.  Ronald sat down with his son and asked him to think of the father who had bought the horse and was anticipating giving it to his son tomorrow.  Then he asked Michael to think about the boy who would be so disappointed if he did not receive the gift his father had intended for him.  On Christmas eve, Michael and his father went to the stable and brushed and prepared the little horse.   Then they went home to bed.  In the morning Michael went down to the stable, where he found his father standing holding the beautiful colt with a lovely red ribbon around it's neck.  He grinned and told his son Merry Christmas, and handed the lead rope to Michael.  Then he went on to tell Michael that he was the father who had bought the horse, and that Michael was the son who he loved so much and wanted to give a wonderful gift to.

The lesson of selflessness that Michael learned from the experience was as great a gift as the colt was.

Stan Watts and Kim Corpany decided to honor not only Ronald Reagan's connection and love for the horse, but also his connection with and love for Nancy by creating this bronze sculpture.

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Bronze sculpture by Stan Watts.
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