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To Lift a Nation - Hope Rising
This bronze statue of the three firemen raising the American flag over ground zero on 9-11-01
This bronze firefighter statue will be unveiled
near Sandy City Hall, in Sandy, Utah on 9-11-11
along with the Healing Field of American flags presented by Colonial Flag company honoring those lost to us on
9-11.  The bronze monument will be a permanent feature at Sandy City Hall.
Bronze scupture by Stan Watts
and Atlas Bronze Casting.

The figures of the firefighters are 1 and 1/2 life size bronze sculptures each standing approximately 9 feet high.

The firemen in this heroic size, 1 and 1/2 life-size bronze 9-11 memorial statue titled "To Lift a Nation" each stand approximately 9 ft. tall.  The monumental bronze sculpture is shown above and below sculpted in clay, ready to begin the lost wax bronze casting process.

After the tragic events of 9 11 01 brought on by terrorist attacks, the people of the United States of America
were in shock. 
As rescuers from across the nation worked to save
those who were still alive amidst the wreckage of the
World Trade Center, 
A flag was raised by three firemen.
They did it as a symbol of hope to help themselves and their
fellow rescuers to go on amidst the destruction.
They did not realize they were being photographed at the time.
 But Thomas E. Franklin, a photographer for the New Jersey Record saw and captured an image of that flag being raised which went on
to remind the people of the entire country that
We are United.

This bronze monument stands to honor the brave firefighters who ran up the stairs answering the call on 9-11-01.

For information regarding purchase of this bronze firefighter memorial,
contact Stan Watts at Atlas Bronze Casting. 

Click the above photo to view the small, 1/4 life-size bronze sculpture of the three firemen raising the American flag.

License permission to create this bronze sculpture created in the likeness of the Ground Zero Spirit photograph by Thomas E. Franklin provided by The Bravest Fund and The North Jersey Media Group.

 Ground Zero Spirit:
Authorized vendors of products bearing the image of the original photograph by Thomas E. Franklin of the New Jersey Record.

9-11 National Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial

Bronze Monument Statue of three Firefighters raising the flag over ground zero on 9-11-01.  This colossal bronze monument is three times life-size.

This bronze statue is sculpted after the famous photo of Fire Fighters raising the flag taken by Thomas E. Franklin of the New Jersey Record.

 For information regarding purchase of this bronze firefighter memorial, contact Stan Watts at Atlas Bronze Casting.  1 (801)967- 0557

Stan Watts installing the 3 times life-size Colossal Bronze Fire Fighter Statue located at the National Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial.

"To Lift A Nation"

Bronze fire fighter monument.

Located in Emmitsburg, Maryland
Sculpted by Stan Watts
Atlas Bronze Casting


Sculpting one of the giant three times life-size firemen in clay, creating the bronze fire fighter statues which will become the
National Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial.

Click here to view the gallery of other patriotic bronze statues by Atlas Bronze Casting and Stan Watts.

Bronze Fire Fighter Monument Sculpture.
National Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial 9-11 Statue.



Custom architectural bronze, custom bronze sculptures, custom bronze statues, memorials and custom bronze monuments

Atlas Bronze Casting can design and create a custom made patriotic bronze statue or monument for you and take your ideas from ideas to reality.  We create the  bronze sculpture of your imagination.

Bronze sculptures stand to tell their stories through the ages providing a lasting legacy.
Custom bronze portraits are a specialty.
Bronze statues, plaques, monuments, fountains and more!

All custom bronze sculptures and bronze monuments created by Atlas Bronze Casting are sculpted and cast in the USA of the finest quality everdur bronze.
Atlas Bronze Casting is an Amercian owned and operated bronze foundry.
Atlas Bronze Casting custom bronze sculptures and custom bronze statues are created entirely in the
United States of America.

Stan Watts is well known for the American themed and Patriotic bronze sculptures which he creates.  The sculptor's bronze statues can be seen in many wonderful locations across the United States, as well as abroad.

Atlas Bronze Casting
4850 South Warehouse Road
Kearns, Utah USA 84118
1(801) 967-0557