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Bronze Statue of Seabiscuit

Bronze statue of Seabiscuit

Larger than life size bronze Seabiscuit statue sculpted by Kim Corpany

Bronze statue of Seabiscuit

The bronze Seabiscuit statue is shown here as a finished clay sculpture.

Bronze statue of Seabiscuit

This bronze horse sculpture is available as part of an edition of 10

For more information regarding this bronze sculpture of Seabiscuit contact Atlas Bronze Casting 1(801)967-0557

Bronze statue of Seabiscuit by Kim Corpany

Kim Corpany has beautifully captured the spirit and essence of the great
American thoroughbred racehorse Seabiscuit in this bronze statue.

This One and one-quarter life-size bronze horse statue of Seabiscuit stands 7 feet 3 inches high at the top of the horse's head.

This beautiful bronze statue of the remarkable Thoroughbred racehorse Seabiscuit was commissioned by the Howard family organization in association with the Frank R. Howard Memorial Foundation and the Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation.
  This bronze statue of Seabiscuit is intended to be placed in front of the new Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital which will be located in Willits, California near Seabiscuit's home, Ridgewood Ranch.
  Kim Corpany sculpted this bronze sculpture of Seabiscuit with the input and assistance of Jacqueline Cooper of the Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation and Laura Hillenbrand, author of Seabiscuit, An American Legend.  The input from these remarkable ladies helped to ensure the accuracy of the statue and the excellent likeness of the great Thoroughbred racehorse.

For more information regarding this bronze sculpture of Seabiscuit contact Atlas Bronze Casting 1(801)967-0557

Bronze statue of Seabiscuit for Willits, Ca sculpted by Kim Corpany
Above is the 1/5th life size clay model for the monument to be placed at the Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital located in Willits, California.

Kim Corpany and Stan Watts have worked together on several remarkable bronze statues of Seabiscuit. 

To see more bronze Seabiscuit statues click on the links below:

Kim Corpany has sculpted several bronze statues of Seabiscuit which have been endorsed by the Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation located at Ridgewood Ranch - Home of Seabiscuit - near Willits, Ca.  To view more information about each Seabiscuit statue click on the photo.


Bronze equestrian sculpture of Seabiscuit and Red Pollard

Click here to view the bronze Seabiscuit statue with Red Pollard as Seabiscuit wins the Santa Anita Handicap!

Bronze statue of Seabiscuit and George Woolf

Click here to view the bronze Seabiscuit statue with George Woolf as Seabiscuit gallops through a morning workout!

Bronze statue of Seabiscuit

Click here to see the bronze Seabiscuit statue cast by Atlas Bronze Casting in place at Ridgewood Ranch

Stan Watts and the master mold makers and foundry men at Atlas Bronze Casting traveled to the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in Saratoga, New York where they made a mold from the bronze Seabiscuit statue which stands outside the National Racing Museum.
The mold was then taken to Atlas Bronze Casting Foundry in Kearns, Utah where a replica bronze statue of Seabiscuit was cast and finished.  Sculptor Kim Corpany oversaw the production and finishing of this wonderful bronze horse statue to ensure the quality of the replica of Tex Wheeler's original sculpture.  Tex Wheeler created his bronze statue of Seabiscuit at Ridgewood Ranch, Seabiscuit's home near Willits, California.  Wheeler took measurements from the stallion's body and the horse posed for the sculpture.  Kim Corpany had the unique opportunity of closely observing and taking measurements from Tex Wheeler's bronze statue of Seabiscuit.  She was then able to utilize this knowledge in the creation of these wonderful sculptures of Seabiscuit.

Seabiscuit and jockey Red Pollard inspired a nation with their extraordinary comeback story.  Pollard's leg was injured in what seemed to be a career ending accident.  Not long after Pollard's injury, Seabiscuit suffered a suspensory injury to his foreleg during a race with jockey George Woolf.  It was assumed this was a career ending injury for the famed racehorse.  Both Pollard and Seabiscuit spent time healing and rehabilitating at Charles Howard's Ridgewood Ranch near Willits, California.  As the two gained strength they began to consider the unimaginable.  Returning to the racetrack to pursue the win that had as yet escaped them.  The Santa Anita Handicap, also known as the "Hundred Grander" for the purse which was attached to the race.  Below is a link to actual video footage of this extraordinary race in which Red Pollard and Seabiscuit made their final victory together.  It is a breathtaking race to watch!

 See video footage of Seabiscuit and Red Pollard
           winning the 1940 Santa Anita Handicap

 See video footage of Seabiscuit and George Woolf
             winning the match race against War Admiral

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Bronze sculpture by Stan Watts.
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